Tools & Seeds Farmers Assistance Project (Part 1)

Tools & Seeds Farmers Assistance Project (Part 1)

In 2017, The Tools & Seeds Farmers Assistance Project was launched in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The main goal of the program is to empower and facilitate the overall social-economic development of the host communities in which we farm.

In the first of this 2-part lecture, you’ll learn more about the origins of the Tools & Seeds Farmers Assistance Project. We’ve included video of our ongoing farming initiatives in both Maboya Village and the capital city of Freetown. You will also hear about some of our future plans for agricultural development within the country.

Presented by Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray and Kenya Malinke Mansaray.

“The ideal of the farm is to teach and illustrate to the people, the dignity, beauty and civilizing power of intelligent labor.”
Marcus Mosiah Garvey



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