2020 Tools & Seeds Rainy Season Harvest

2020 Tools & Seeds Rainy Season Harvest

Our 2020 Tools & Seeds rainy season harvest at Maboya village was a great success! We want to thank the full membership of the Gullah Redemption Mission Sierra Leone (GRM-SL). Since early January, the team has been engaged in activities related to planning, organizing, and managing the step-by-step process of harvesting groundnuts and the production of 100 bags of coal. We also want to thank our Gullah Leone Union (GLU) partners – Gullah Leone Economic Development Cooperative (GLEDC), Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA), and Black Star Action Network International (BSANI) – for sponsoring and empowering GRM-SL with the financial, media, and moral support throughout the showcase.

Unfortunately, there were significant losses in the area with other groundnut planters not seeing the yields expected from a good harvest. However, we were able to double up despite spoilage and rodents, which we are grateful for. Next, the crops and coal will be sold in the market, with the profits being reinvested for the next harvest.

We are developing progressive relationships with villages in Kambia, Moyamba, Port Loko, and others to assess where we can best concentrate specific crop focus. For example, cocoa grows better in the southern forest region of the country so if we want to pursue cocoa farming it would be a good idea to focus on that area. The same can be said for fruits and vegetables in the Kabala and Kono areas, or for groundnuts and cassava in Port Loko or Kambia.

Please enjoy the photos below and keep up on the latest happenings at https://gullahleone.org

Also, if you’re planning a tour to Sierra Leone or need credible consultation services, please visit www.gullahdugu.com









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