Forward March Residence and Community Center

BSANI FORWARD MARCH fundraiser is launched to raise funds for the purpose of obtaining housing and to establish a community center in Sierra Leone West Africa, which is headed by the Executive Director Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray, and his wife Kenya Malinke Mansaray who is the President of BSANI.


Securing  a home  that will serve as  residence for organizers in Freetown, Sierra Leone , home office and temporary housing for African Diaspora members of our organization.
Lease a self contained 3-4 Bedroom compound or apartment with minimum of 3-4rooms

1 Room – Home Office
1 Room – Guest Room
1 Room – Residential Bedroom
*1 – Room (Storage/spare room)
Location: Near Central/Business District Freetown


– Communications: Reliable internet/WIFI
– Electricity: 24hrs lights (back-up generator).
– Water: Good water source on property or near.
– Transportation: Accessible  Paved Roads & Public Transportation

Target: $5000 Date: Deadline August 2020

Goal Raised: June 1st -July 1st 2020 (4 weeks) Mid way Goal $2500

July 1st- August 1st 2020 (4 weeks)  Goal $2500

Total 8 weeks @ $625 per week


Offsite Community Center
Mosiah Academy Leadership Institute (M.A.L.I.)
Mosiah Academy is envisioned to function as an effective  educational institution created for the purpose of training a new generation of leaders in the universal art and science of grassroots community organizing and mass movement building in the 21Century.

Target: $10000  Date: October 2020

Goal Raised: August 1st – September 5th 2020 (5 weeks) Midway $5000

September 5th – October 3rd 2020  (5 weeks) $5000

Total 10 weeks @ $1000 per week


Transportation Vehicle

Target: $10,000
Goal Raised: October 4th – November 5th (4 weeks)
$2500 per week


You can help support this campaign at the link listed below: