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The Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA) & Platinum Edge Network Media Charity (PENMC) Partnership To End SGBV In Sierra Leone

The Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA) & Platinum Edge Network Media (PENMC) has entered an official partnership to collaborate in the strategic areas of fundraising, media, and implementation.  Our aim is to stop SGBV (Sexual Gender Based Violence) in Sierra Leone.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), SGBV is “physical and emotional violence – in the form of force, coercion, threats, and deception – against another because of their sex or gender”.

It’s a global problem with the World Health Organisation (WHO) reporting that in 2013, 35% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence.  Sadly the issue is reported to be higher where 45% of women have experienced SGBV.


We are an all women led media platform that focuses on what affects women, girls, and children fighting against rape, SGBV (Sexual Gender-based Violence), and anything inhumane.

As a women-led organization we train interested persons in the art of filmmaking and storytelling.

Our organization also understands the lack of cultural education in today’s society. Some countries still try to uphold their culture, whilst in other countries it is slowly dying.  The digital age is rapidly bringing our unique African culture to its demise. As a Non-profit multimedia entity we endeavor to use digital age technology in reanimating our nearly lost culture. Using a modern format will connect contemporary youth and older populations with ease.

PENMC operates as a source and learning center; a production house to create the next generation of filmmakers, keen at encouraging more women to be involved in creative outlets. Free lectures will be offered to young and old learners in Art and Culture as we spread the word in a more creative, engaging and lasting way.


Creating an equitable and empathetic society: cultivating an easy and efficient way to bring awareness to SBGV using every media platform possible for a zero rape zone: promoting healing, justice and girl liberation: encouraging an early Call To Action!


To create an active awareness campaign that fosters change; Developing innovative and creative ways for better reporting and data base management.


Helping victims (both genders) to develop strong characters regardless of their ordeals.  We will create a safe space where they don’t have to spend long nights alone managing hidden scars and resetting their minds, meanwhile determining how their story can impact others and influence positive change.


  • All monies collected in this fundraiser are designated for the activities of PENMC.
  • Contributions of $250 or more will automatically be given a tax exempt letter for your donation.
  • Donors must email with legal name, complete mailing address and amount donated for tax exempt letter.

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