Gullah Leone Cooperative

The Gullah Geechee Corridor of the Carolinas and Georgia have similar environmental conditions as Sierra Leone. Sierra Leonean farmers were brought to the Americas during enslavement for their superior rice-growing knowledge of the “swamp-like” environmental similarities of the Gullah Geechee Corridor and Sierra Leone.

The Gullah Leone Union (GLU) is an entity designed to merge cultural, business, and ideological concepts. The Black Star Action Network International (BSANI), the Gullah Nation of North America (GNONA) and the Gullah Redemption Mission – Sierra Leone (GRM-SL) currently culminate as not-for-profit entities to comprise the GLU and form a cultural link between past and present. The GLU also functions as a tool for expansion worldwide.

As part of local and worldwide expansion, the Gullah Leone Cooperative (GLC) was formed in May 2020 as a stand-alone, for-profit entity. The aim is to facilitate scalable present and future business operations, with a focus on past and present cultural precepts, along with a cooperative, member-owned business model. Hence, the motto, “Reaching To The Past To Create A Brighter Future!”

As the indirect, for-profit arm of the GLU, the Gullah Leone Cooperative stands prepared to build economic growth, maintain sustainable advancement, and combat the socio-economic challenges presented in Sierra Leone.

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