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Who are we?

A Multi-Organizational Structured Union of three nonprofit organizations ie Black Star Action Network International (BSANI), Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA), and Gullah Redemption Mission Sierra Leone (GRM-SL)

• Be Clean Campaign

 ( October • December • February • April )

Educating on cleanliness and prevention of diseases (Covid-19, Waterborne Diseases, etc.)

• Tools & Seeds

 ( October – May )

Tools & Seeds Project is a rural farmers assistance initiative to facilitate both food security and cash crop sustainability in a fashion that benefits farmers and investors while also improving the overall living conditions for the entire Host Village.

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Featured Projects
that We are involved

African Diaspora Village


African Diaspora Village
Learn More

King Jimmy Redemption Project

Ongoing cleanup efforts of the Historic King Jimmy Marketplace.


Ongoing cleanup efforts of the Historic King Jimmy Marketplace.
Learn More

Coming Soon…


Coming Soon…

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Many Roots, One Fambul!

Connecting the global Gullah Geechee community. Bo, Freetown, South Carolina, The World!

Come Home!


See below for upcoming and past events

  • 20Feb,2021

    Road To Sierra Leone Citizenship Workshop

    Want to learn how you can become a citizen of Sierra Leone? Register today for our “Free Game Workshop” where we…

    Read More

  • 24Oct,2020

    Let’s Vote and Be Clean Campaign

    BSANI has partnered with The O.L.L.I.E. Initiative and 7 other grassroots organizations to conduct Be Clean…

    Read More

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